Orange Is The New Black Star May Play The MCU’s First Trans Hero

Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes

Kevin Feige’s promised that the future of Marvel is dedicated to diversification and representation, and so far the plans for Phase 4 have reflected that. There’s clearly an increase in both female and non-white leads, for example, and we’re hearing that the next few years could also bring the MCU‘s first ever transgender hero, who may appear in Thor: Love and Thunder

Sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us a Nova movie was in active development, which MCU Cosmic has now confirmed – say that Taika Waititi’s next Thor pic could include the character Sera, a trans hero who’s an angel from the Marvel comics universe. And the studio is supposedly eyeing Laverne Cox to play the part. We’ve been informed that the fan favorite Orange is the New Black star is one name on the wishlist for the role, but it’s unclear if she’s the frontrunner.

As for Sera’s involvement in Thor 4, WGTC has been told that the character was included in the original pitch for the film. Obviously, things could change and evolve beyond what was initially put forth, but we’re hearing if she doesn’t turn up in Love and Thunder, she could appear in a subsequent Marvel project instead.

In any case, it feels like this news has been on the horizon as both Marvel Studios and Marvel Television cast their first trans actors this year. In July, Spider-Man: Far From Home made headlines by including Zach Barack in a supporting role as one of Peter’s schoolmates. What was more overlooked, though, was that June’s Jessica Jones season 3 also featured Aneesh Sheth as recurring character Gillian, Jess’ new assistant.

It seems that Waititi has really taken Feige’s aims for the MCU to heart as Love and Thunder will also notably bring us a female Thor – in the form of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster – and confirm that Valkyrie is bisexual by having her searching for her queen, now that she’s King of Asgard. The movie starts shooting in Australia in August and as soon as we receive any further updates, we’ll be sure to let you know.