Here’s Where The Original Michael Myers Actor Appears In The New Halloween


Director David Gordon Green tried to recapture the winning mix of ingredients that made the 1978 Halloween such an enduring classic of the horror genre for his new sequel, so naturally what Blumhouse did was bring back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and get John Carpenter on board to do the score. They’re not the only alumni of the first film to make a return, though, as the original Michael Myers, Nick Castle, is also back in action.

The majority of Castle’s role was as a voice artist, as he recorded all of Myers’ chilling breathing for the film, with actor James Jude Courtney portraying The Shape for most of the runtime. However, he also got to don the chilling William Shatner mask again for a brief scene of 2018’s Halloween. And it features a classic Myers tic from the original movie.

Castle told Bloody Disgusting the following:

“I’m not sure this is done any other time in the movie, but the director asked me to tilt my head like one of the prominent things that fans remember in the first one.”

So, now you know what you’re looking for when you see the movie this weekend, and here’s a screenshot of the moment in question when Castle makes his return to the franchise.

Like we said, apart from this one shot, Courtney filled in for the rest of the shoot. The actor’s previously revealed that Curtis likes to stay in character, too. Or at least in the mood of her character, on set. So much so that he never had a conversation with her during filming. Presumably, it would’ve hurt Curtis’ process of getting into the mindset of Laurie Strode if she was pally with her on-screen tormentor.

Be sure to catch Halloween – which features two Michael Myers for the price of one – in cinemas from this Friday, October 19th.

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