Original ‘Munsters’ star looks to be involved in Rob Zombie’s reboot

The Munsters
Image via Universal/CBS

One of the original cast members of The Munsters appears to be involved in some capacity in Rob Zombie’s upcoming reboot.

Fans of the classic 1960s supernatural sitcom are eagerly awaiting the new movie featuring the freakish family, which comes from the aforementioned Devil’s Rejects director. Though Zombie is sure to put his own stamp on the material, the filmmaker has made clear — based on the sneak peeks he’s supplied on social media — that he’ll still pay homage to the OG show.

That may include bringing one Munsters veteran on board the project. Mirror Studios recently took to Instagram to reveal they had been working with actress Pat Priest, who played Marilyn back in the 1960s. “While working on Rob Zombie’s upcoming release of The Munsters we had the good fortune of working with the one and only Pat Priest,” read the caption to the post, which showcased Priest running lines in a recording studio.

Priest was the second of two actresses to play Marilyn on The Munsters, taking over the part once original star Beverley Owen exited the series after just 13 episodes in order to get married. Priest remained on in the role of the beautiful blonde — who the rest of the family regards as ugly — for the rest of its 70-episode lifespan.

It’s worth pointing out that we shouldn’t take this as 100% confirmation that Priest will appear in the reboot. For one, Zombie himself has yet to back up this news. Secondly, the actress clearly isn’t on set in this image and so, if she is involved in the production, she may only have some kind of voiceover role. If she is on board, Priest joins a cast that includes Sheri Moon Zombie (Lily), Jeff Daniels Phillips (Herman), Daniel Roebuck (Grandpa), Sylvester McCoy, and Cassandra “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark” Peterson.

The Munsters is yet to get a release date, but we know it will drop simultaneously in theaters and on Peacock.