Oscar Nominations 2013: Who And What Got Snubbed?

What better way to start off the new year in film than to judge and dissect the Academy Award nominations that were recently announced. We already have a list of the nominees and who the favorites are, but what about the controversy concerning the actors and titles that were left out? Every year there’s a handful left behind, causing movie fans to raise their pitchforks in protest (once again) over the Academy’s direction of being too old-fashioned. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant, the fact of the matter is there’s only a selected amount of room for nominees.

In reality, the Academy Awards is just a glamorous way for Hollywood to show off, it’s a chance for all the biggest stars to dress up and essentially promote their movies. The winners get a statue and are in the news for a couple days after, but the most important thing for them is having “Oscar winner” next to their name in movie trailers. The recognition may be set in film history forever, however, there are hundreds of actors and films that stand the test of time even without a nomination to validate their fame. Alfred Hitchcock, his movies and the actors involved in them, usually got overlooked by the Academy. Now, Vertigo and Rear Window are widely considered classics, and neither one not sporting a Best Picture nomination affects its significance.

2012 had incredible movies that will be remembered decades from now and performances that will be endlessly studied in film classes to come. Being snubbed for an Oscar causes a bitter tingle of disappointment only when the nominations are announced and when the Oscars are handed out, after that it’s time to move on.

On that note, it’s time to give some recognition to those actors and films that Oscar decided to overlook this year. Read on to see our top Oscar snubs for 2013.

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