Owen Wilson And Vince Vaughn Planning To Crash Some Real Weddings


Back in June, the internet was getting hyped when a leaked production document hinted that Wedding Crashers 2 had finally escaped from development hell and entered pre-production. The listing claimed that cameras were set to start rolling as soon as August, with director David Dobkin returning alongside stars Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher.

There was even talk that the comedy sequel could be an HBO Max exclusive, but Warner Bros. subsidiary New Line Cinema quickly moved to dismiss the reports. Officially, Wedding Crashers 2 hasn’t been given the green light as of yet, but there’s a script everyone approves of and Dobkin has even been on several location scouting trips, despite none of the major players being signed to contracts.

In a new interview, Owen Wilson once again addressed the Wedding Crashers 2 speculation, and while he sounds committed to the idea, the Loki favorite also teased that he and co-star Vince Vaughn could be going Method when it comes to getting some inspiration on how to return to their roles almost two decades later.

“I guess if the people rise up and demand it, then who are we to say no? Vince and I have been talking about when this pandemic ends, maybe, crashing some weddings in real life just to celebrate a return to normalcy. So maybe we’ll get some inspiration from that.”

From the sounds of things, Wedding Crashers 2 could realistically end up filming next year once scheduling issues have been ironed out, and all of the key creatives are happy with the screenplay. Long-awaited comedy sequels are notoriously hard to pull off, though, and the concept would need to be significantly updated or subverted when a movie about two dudes in their 50s infiltrating nuptial ceremonies to hit on women probably isn’t going to fly in the current climate.