Owen Wilson Addresses Wedding Crashers 2 Rumors

Wedding Crashers

The internet was buzzing last week when a leaked production listing appeared to indicate that Wedding Crashers 2 was a go for HBO Max, with shooting set to kick off as soon as August, and director David Dobkin returning alongside stars Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher.

However, when pressed for further comment, Warner Bros. subsidiary New Line Cinema succinctly dismissed the reports as “inaccurate.” The official word from the studio is that the comedy sequel hasn’t been given a green light, but there is a script that the key players all approve of, with Dobkin even scouting locations despite the fact that neither the filmmaker nor the actors are signed to contracts as of yet.

Despite pouring at least some cold water on the notion of Wedding Crashers 2 heading in front of cameras by the summer, Owen Wilson was asked about the prospect of getting the band back together while on the promotional circuit for Disney Plus’ Marvel Cinematic Universe series Loki, and he definitely sounded confident that the movie will happen eventually, just not as soon as a couple of months from now.

“Yeah, there is a script and David Dobkin, who directed the first one, has been working on it, and we’ve been talking about it. It’s been nice talking to Vince, and it’s one of those movies that really seemed to connect with people. If we can come up with something we think could be great, then I’m sure we’ll do it. Someone said August, and I don’t see that happening. I think before anything, it’s making sure that everybody felt we had a great story.”

Wedding Crashers

From the sound of things, everyone is keen to make Wedding Crashers 2 a reality once any scripting and scheduling kinks are worked out, and there must be a solid idea at the core regardless of who penned the most recent draft given the fact that the thought of two guys in their 50s infiltrating various nuptials to hit on women doesn’t sound like the sort of thing guaranteed to generate big laughs in 2021. Still, there’s plenty of talent at least loosely attached to the project, even if long-delayed comedy sequels are notoriously difficult to get right.