Is Paramount Making Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa?

Remember the Bad Grandpa bit from the Jackass films? The one where Johnny Knoxville dressed up as an old grandpa and acted uber-inappropriate? Well, according to What Culture, Paramount is looking to develop a fourth Jackass film based around that idea.

This week, the studio registered a number of domain names which hint that this film may very well be in the works. Plus, as What Culture points out, the Jackass films are always pretty cheap to produce and they’re also always reliable at the box office, so why not make a fourth one?

Personally, I do enjoy the Jackass films but I can’t see how a film based solely on the Bad Grandpa skit would work out. Yes, it’s funny, but only for so long. In fact, I think they’ve already over-used it and I for one would not want to sit through an entire film that only featured Bad Grandpa.

If they’re going to make another Jackass film, I want the full cast back and I want a wide variety of pranks and stunts, not just one. Especially not one that is already over-done.

Nevertheless, here’s the full list of domain names picked up by Paramount. Let the speculation begin.