Paramount Reportedly Wants To Give Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan A Star Trek Spinoff

Star Trek Khan

We’ve heard reports recently that Star Trek is considering bringing back a familiar face for a future project. Yes, as you may’ve read about already, the iconic sci-fi franchise wants Benedict Cumberbatch to reprise his role as Khan in an upcoming film, and now we’ve received word from insider Daniel Richtman that Paramount may even be planning a spinoff centered around the character.

Nothing is set in stone as of just yet, of course, but the studio might be interested in cashing in on the actor, whose stock has certainly risen to astronomical levels over the past few years. Though the 44-year-old has been a fairly decent-sized star for a while now, his career really started to take off to new heights after he joined the MCU and headlined Doctor Strange back in 2016.

Following that performance as the titular superhero, he became a staple of the franchise, showing up in several more Marvel films and also lending his voice to The Grinch and Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, not to mention appearing in the Academy Award-winning pic 1917, among many other projects.

Star Trek Khan

Paramount might be eager to capitalize on the A-lister’s recent string of successes with a standalone feature that boasts Cumberbatch as the headliner, then. After all, the series could certainly use a boost given the current state of flux that the big screen arm of the property is in, and a Khan spinoff might go a long way to revitalizing the franchise. Even if the character wasn’t so well received when the actor played him several years ago.

Tell us, though, would you like to see Benedict Cumberbatch return for a Star Trek film centered around Khan, or would you prefer he stick to the MCU for at least the foreseeable future? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!