Paranormal 3 Shatters Box Office Horror Records

Last weekend’s release of horror giant Paranormal Activity 3 saw the film breaking multiple records. The third film in the series opened this weekend with an astounding $54 million intake, becoming the highest grossing film in the series yet. Compared to the second film’s $40.6 million weekend opening, this was no small feat.

In the process of beating the films that came before it, PA3 also became the highest grossing opening weekend for a horror film (previously held by number two in the series), the highest grossing film in fall, and the film that made the most with an October release date. That last record was held by Jackass 3D, which opened to $50.3 million.

If anybody needs a sign to get out there and see this movie, here it is. Along with a fairly warm critical reception, this huge response from audiences is just another reason to go see the film. Check out the review here if you need anymore convincing.