Paranormal Activity 5 Doesn’t Even Have A Story Idea Yet


Looks like we’ve got a little clarification work to do after yesterday’s rumor which reported that Paranormal Activity 5 was going to be pushed back to January 2014.

There is truth in the fact that Paramount Pictures has moved a Paranormal Activity property to January 4, 2014 after originally scheduling it for October 25, 2013 – but it’s not Paranormal Activity 5. Instead, it’s been confirmed that the Christopher Landon (Paranormal Activity 2-4 scribe) directed Latino-centric spinoff is instead the project in question. You remember that little teaser clip about paranormal happenings taking place somewhere else, right? Well, it looks like this horror franchise will get some Latino flair before putting forth another local sequel.

In other news, there aren’t even set plans for a Paranormal Activity 5. While statistical data points to October 2014 as a logical release date, the film seems to be experiencing some troubles after successfully spooking us the last four years in a row. It’s being reported that no one can really come up with a worthy idea for a fifth sequel, which explains the lack of a concrete script and missing director. It’s been hinted that Paranormal Activity 2-4 editor Greg Plotkin is probably going to assume directorial duties, but again, nothing has been confirmed.

To the credit of this franchise, they’ve already exhausted tons of different first-person shooting techniques, from going back to the VHS era with the rotating fan camera, to utilizing recent XBOX technologies. I mean, where else can they go while still remaining in the realm of the believable?

On one hand, I admire the fact that Paramount doesn’t want to just throw another sequel out there for the hell of it, and they’re at least making it look like proper effort is going into a story. On the other hand though, when is enough enough? Oh, right, when we stop paying for it – he says as he sees every Paranormal Activity movie in his DVD collection. They were on sale! What!

So there you have it – Paranormal Activity 5 is nowhere near even having a story, and Landon’s spinoff is instead the movie that will be released January 4, 2014. Well, I mean, at least we’ll get a Paranormal Activity movie that’s a little different this time? Unless they catch Katie on vacation or something…