Paul Schrader To Direct Bait From A Script By Bret Easton Ellis

Two of the entertainment world’s greatest provocateurs, Paul Schrader and Bret Easton Ellis, are teaming together to direct Bait, a thriller about a group of teenagers trapped in shark infested waters by a madman. Knowing the past work of these two people means there is likely to be a whole lot more going on, whether it be sex, drugs, violence or all three combined.

Schrader is currently polishing Ellis’ screenplay. There is no start date yet set for the production but the team is all in place and as of now, it’s just a question of casting. Schrader also has another project called The Jesuit in the pipeline with Willem Dafoe and Oscar Isaac which is now stuck in development, Bait could likely come before this.

With the credentials of these two individuals, it is easy to see that this won’t be just an average gore/slasher movie. Schrader has penned two of the greatest films of all time Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, as well as other works under Martin Scorsese, plus his own directorial efforts such as Mishima and American Gigolo. As for Bret Easton Ellis, he wrote one of the great novels of the past 20 years with American Psycho, which was turned into an equally impressive film.

All things considered, Bait is something to get excited about.

Source: Variety