Paul Verhoeven reuniting with ‘RoboCop’ writer for new erotic thriller


Paul Verhoeven might be 83 years old, but the filmmaker shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Admittedly, his latest effort Bendetta might be his first feature in five years, but the fact it’s been decried as ‘the lesbian nun movie’ in more dismissive circles is a sign that he hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to courting controversy.

It’s been while since Verhoeven was a regular presence in Hollywood, with 2000’s Hollow Man marking his last American-backed production, but he’s heading back to the United States to reunite with a familiar collaborator. Speaking to Movie Maker, the Dutch provocateur revealed he’s set to direct erotic thriller Young Sinner, with RoboCop‘s Edward Neumeier on scripting duties.

Verhoeven describes the project as being similar to his acclaimed Black Book, but “more explosive, and more open-minded to a big audience.” Does this mean we’re going to see him heading back into commercial territory for the first time in over two decades? Let’s hope so, because his recent filmography proves that the veteran has still got it.

Once upon a time, Verhoeven was one of the biggest directors in the business after helming RoboCop, Total Recall, and Basic Instinct within the space of a few years, and while we shouldn’t expect that kind of success, Young Sinner should definitely be one worth keeping an eye on.