Pedro Almodovar To Make Film Inspired By Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers

Pedro Almodovar has made great films in a whole variety of genres, but one might have never expected the Spanish auteur to base his next film around Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. That’s exactly what’s happening, though, given that Almodovar recently announced his plans for the project:

”I am still young enough to make a science fiction movie. I have ideas for this genre. The way I would like to do it is present something impossible in a real, domestic way. One of the scripts on my desk is of that genre, so I hope to make that.”

There’s no news as to when this’ll get into production, but Almodovar has stated that he’ll be sure to take his time with it, comparing himself to a “novelist” instead of a screenwriter. His last film, The Skin I Live In, opened to rave reviews and showed the director working in new territory. If Almodovar can tackle horror with such efficient chops, there’s no doubting that he might do well in the sci-fi genre.

What do you reckon? Could this be something you’d like to see from the Spanish master?

Source: The Film Stage