Peter Jackson Reportedly Eyed To Direct New World Of Warcraft Movie


When you think of big budget fantasy, Peter Jackson is always one of the first names that comes to mind. Of course, having directed one of the greatest trilogies ever made that raked in billions of dollars at the box office and was showered in critical acclaim, that’s hardly surprising, and The Lord of the Rings will always endure as a monumental achievement in filmmaking.

Jackson also helmed the three Hobbit movies, but they paled in comparison to his previous efforts, and you get the distinct feeling that his heart was never really in it and he only stepped behind the camera as a last resort, when original director Guillermo del Toro departed not long before shooting was scheduled to begin.

Since 1996, Jackson has only helmed two movies that weren’t set in Middle-earth, and could probably do with recharging his creative batteries. However, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Ahsoka Tano will appear in The Mandalorian, Ryan Reynolds had a secret cameo in Hobbs & Shaw and Ben Affleck is returning in The Flash – that the Academy Award winner is being eyed to tackle the Warcraft reboot that’s currently in the works.

According to our intel, Jackson is one of the studio’s top choices, but it isn’t clear if he’s been the subject of an official approach or not. Furthermore, whether he’d even be interested in more mega budget fantasy at this stage of his career is anyone’s guess, but there are few better qualified candidates for doing justice to the epic and expansive mythology of World of Warcraft on the big screen than the man behind The Lord of the Rings. As long as we’d be getting LoTR vintage Jackson, that is, and not the uninterested Hobbit version.