Petition to make Tom Holland’s Spider-Man suit safer passes 10,000 signatures

Inheriting the legacy of Spider-Man in live-action must have been a huge pressure for Tom Holland when he initially joined the MCU. One could even go so far as to suggest that with a great role comes great responsibility. To cap it all of, it appears that Marvel isn’t going out of its way to make things easier for the actor.

A lot of effort typically goes into making sure that superheroes are comfortable in their peculiar costumes when filming on set. There are water tubes, cooling pads, and all sorts of fancy gadgets that production designers utilize to get these stars through long hours of shooting. But it seems that Holland has gotten the short end of that stick.

Funnily enough, when promoting the new film on The Graham Norton Show a few weeks ago, the titular host asked Holland if he’s getting a new suit in No Way Home or if it’s the same one as in the previous MCU films. “Yes, it’s the same as the last one. There’s no changes. Again, I asked for a zip and I didn’t get one,” he joked.

Zendaya, who had already discussed this in an interview back in 2019 when Far From Home came out, picked the issue up by saying: “I’ve said this publicly before because I really think we should do something about this. I actually think this should, like… we need to band together. We need to tell somebody,” referring to Holland’s Spider-Man suit being too difficult to take off in case of an emergency.

Well, it seems that the internet has answered the actress’ call. Currently, there’s a petition on that wants Marvel to change the Spider-Man suit to make it safer. It’s already passed the 10,000 signature milestone, and is well on the way to reaching 15,000.