Pierce Brosnan Will Head To The I.T. Department


Former James Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan, is set to star in a new revenge thriller titled I.T., which will be directed by Stefano Sollima. The film, which was scripted by Dan Kay, will follow a successful book publisher (Brosnan) who ends up in a dispute with a “young, disgruntled I.T. consultant.” When things escalate, the technologically inclined antagonist decides to threaten Brosnan’s “life, family and income.”

I.T. is currently aiming for a 2014 start date and casting for the role of the antagonist is underway, though there’s no word on who the producers have their eye on.

It’s still early days for this one, and there isn’t much to go on, but as of now I’m hopeful. Despite having aged quite a bit in recent years, Brosnan is still just as charming and entertaining on screen as he was back in his 007 days. Those who recently caught him in The World’s End will know that he can still entertain and capture audiences’ attention.

I always enjoy watching Brosnan and considering that most of what he appears in these days ends up being a romantic comedy or a straight up romance, I’m looking forward to seeing him in something a bit different.

Tell us, does I.T. sound like an interesting film? Are you a fan of Pierce Brosnan? Let us know in the comments below.