Pixar Unveils The Titular Redesigned Mascot In New Still For The Good Dinosaur


Pixar’s Jurassic era animation The Good Dinosaur is still a full year from release, but had things gone differently, the film could very well have made it to the silver screen much, much earlier. But, in the wake of an 18 month delay and a director changeover, the renown studio chose to completely reimagine the tale of Arlo, the 70-foot Apatosaurus.

This reworking also instigated a makeover of the titular dinosaur himself, and a new image published on The Los Angeles Times has unveiled our first look at the reworked dino (which you can glimpse in the gallery below).

Now, The Good Dinosaur will be helmed by Up co-director Peter Sohn, who replaced Bob Peterson on the project as he was “proving too slow to make creative decisions.” Interestingly, while the core tenets of the film remain intact — with the story orbiting around a revisionist version of history that sees the dinosaurs survive after the killer asteroid passed on by — the director has revealed that several tweaks have been made.

Speaking to the LA Times, here’s what the newly-appointed filmmaker had to say on the animation.

When Bob was taken off, I was supporting the film as best I could. It felt like, this child, this film still needs to be raised. It was just about how to take care of the thing at that time. … Trying to keep the original vision of this film intact and trying to plus it as well.

The Good Dinosaur isn’t all about the premise though, as the film will feature the dulcet tones of Lucas Neff, John Lithgow, Frances McDormand, Bill Hader and Neil Patrick Harris.

Barring any last-minute hiccups, The Good Dinosaur is on course to stomp into theaters on November 25th, 2015.