The Place Beyond The Pines Gets Character Posters For Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper And Eva Mendes

The Place Beyond The Pines heads to theaters next month, and so far we’ve gotten to see some beautiful art for the film. Today, three new French character posters have been released featuring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, and Eva Mendes.

The posters are in the same aged style as the others we’ve seen, and they make for extremely attractive pieces of movie art. I don’t know whether these will be found in theaters in North America, but I’m certainly hoping to get my hands on one for my collection.

For those unfamiliar with the film, Derek Cianfrance helms this multi-generational tale of two men on different sides of the law. Gosling stars as Luke, a drifter who makes a living doing motorcycle stunts. He discovers that he has an infant son and decides that he wants to take care of the child. He quits his stunts and becomes a mechanic, but soon realizes that money won’t cut it. He gets involved with a series of bank heists, but those actions cause his life to become intertwined with Avery (Cooper), a police officer who cases him during a robbery.

Although the trailer wasn’t anything like what I expected from the original descriptions, it’s still one of my must-see films of the year. Cooper is obviously as hot as anyone right now. Even though he didn’t win best actor, the fact he was even nominated shows that he deserves to be taken seriously. In terms of Gosling… well he’s Ryan Gosling. Cianfrance and Gosling working together again is a dream come true for fans of Blue Valentine.

If you are still on the fence as to whether you’ll be heading to theaters for the film, you can check out our review from TIFF to help you make up your mind.

The Place Beyond The Pines hits theaters March 29th.

Check out the three posters below and then head to the comments section to share your thoughts on The Place Beyond The Pines.