New Poster For A Dangerous Method

A new French poster for David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method has been released and it’s only slightly different from the Italian poster released at the beginning of the month. That being said, in the case of this film, I don’t think high quality poster art will necessarily be needed to sell the movie. That’s where the cast, crew and plot come into play.

David Cronenberg’s last two films were A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, both of which had Viggo Mortensen. This makes film number three on which the two have worked together. Cronenberg is also know for directing the ’86 version of The Fly, Scanners and The Dead Zone. Joining Mortensen are Keira Knightly and Michael Fassbender.

The poster, once again, features the film’s three main actors looking at the camera. The differences are that it doesn’t show Knightly in a rather provocative pose and it’s in black and white. The characters also look a little ghostly in the image.

Fassbender plays Carl Jung, who is in a very controversial relationship with Sabina Spielrein (Knightly), who happens to be one of his patients. This causes the friendship with his mentor Sigmund Freud (Mortensen) to slowly deteriorate. But, as their friendship looks to be heading south, the two end up discovering the theory of psychoanlysis.

With a strong cast and a great director, this looks to be a winner with a possibility of a few Oscar nominations. Check out the new poster below.

A Dangerous Method will make its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival before opening on November 23rd.