New Poster For The Paperboy Is Old-School

A new poster has debuted for The Paperboy, an upcoming thriller directed by Lee Daniels (Precious) and starring Zac Efron, Matthew McConaugheyNicole Kidman, and John Cusack. The unique one-sheet has a retro feel to it, with muted colors that leave a lasting impression.

The poster manages to have a creepy feel to it with just a single image of Cusack’s creepy eyes, with the rest of the poster remaining ambiguous. Having the slanted lines from the car attempt to run parallel to the poster’s borders adds a very unsettling feel, and overall, the ominous tones are definitely a great way to advertise the film.

In The Paperboy, McConaughey plays a reporter who investigates the death of a sheriff and possible wrongful conviction, and Efron plays the character’s younger brother, Jack. Good genes in that family. Jack falls for a local woman, played by Kidman, who has been having a pen-pal romance with the convict in question, played by Cusack.

Check out the poster for The Paperboy below, courtesy of RopeOfSilicon.