New Posters For Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt

Francis Ford Coppola returns to theaters this fall with the gothic horror film Twixt. The film stars Elle Fanning, Val Kilmer and Ben Chaplin in the story of a faltering writer on a book tour who gets caught up in a murder investigation with a strange connection to him. The newly released posters focus on Fanning who plays V.

Francis Ford Coppola brought Twixt to Comic-Con in San Diego where fans were given 3D Edgar Allen Poe masks as opposed to 3D glasses. Ben Chaplin plays Edgar Allen Poe in the film, in case you were wondering.

Only portions of Twixt will be in 3D when the film arrives in theaters though it’s unlikely that fans outside of Comic-Con will get masks when Twixt arrives in theaters this fall.

Also during the Comic-Con panel, Coppola talked about his vision for the future of film in which directors tour the country with their movies and their actors performing unique versions of the film for each audience. During the panel Coppola teamed with the his Twixt music director Dan Deacon for a remixed series of scenes that Deacon scored live while Coppola flashed images from the movie played from his iPad.

While the promotional push for Twixt is underway producers have yet to set an official release date. The next step for the promotional tour though is a trip to the Toronto Film International Film Festival in September.