Power Rangers Reboot Will Reportedly Take The Rangers To Space

Power-Rangers-Movie-Blu-ray-cover-art (1)

By the time 2017’s Power Rangers came around, the serious and gritty re-imagining was already out of fashion, and only Elizabeth Banks seemed to get the memo that they were rebooting an inherently camp and ridiculous TV show and pitched her performance as such. The movie’s box office failure was largely attributed to the fact that it didn’t appeal to either new fans or the existing audience, but this being Hollywood, there’s always going to be another reboot so they can try again.

Paramount eventually purchased the rights to the characters in a half-billion dollar deal and sure enough, another attempt at reinventing the Power Rangers on the big screen was swiftly announced. Based on what we know so far, the project looks to be deliberately avoiding the pitfalls of its predecessor, and will be an altogether more light-hearted and colorful outing for the super-powered teenagers.

The 90s seem to have replaced the 80s as the movie business’ new favorite decade to mine for nostalgia purposes, and the latest Power Rangers reboot is set to heavily lean into that by using time travel as a key plot point, allowing the team to visit multiple different eras known to fans of the TV show in an effort to cram in as much fan service as possible.

While it hasn’t been confirmed exactly whereabouts in time they’ll be heading, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Ryan Reynolds had a cameo in Hobbs & Shaw and a Ms. Marvel show is coming to Disney Plus – that the newest iteration of the Power Rangers will be traveling into outer space. Why they end up there or what they’ll get up to while in that setting remains unclear, but we’ve been told that the film will certainly take them there for a bit.

Whatever it is the writers have planned, time travel and heading to space will definitely be one way to differentiate the latest Power Rangers reboot from their last outing. And hopefully both elements will bring in bigger audiences than the previous reboot saw.