New Predator Set Photo Teases The Impending Carnage


Last week, Sterling K. Brown, one of Shane Black’s leading men in the upcoming blockbuster, The Predator, took to social media and gave fans a behind the scenes sneak peek at the set. Unfortunately, however, the clip wasn’t the first-look most had been aching for, seeing as the film, which has been in production and undergoing reshoots for some time, has yet to release a trailer, or any substantial advertisement, for that matter.

If it’s any consolation to enthusiasts though, the recent deluge of promotional dreck appears to be signalling that we’re indeed inching closer to the day The Predator unleashes some actual footage, or at the very least, a few official stills. In fact, all signs point to something arriving in April.

Until then, however, the cast and crew are doing their best to keep us excited and this week, it was Shane Black’s turn to unnecessarily hype up Predator devotees with another cool, but ultimately useless pic. The director took to Twitter yesterday and posted an image (seen below) of a thick, impenetrable jungle with the caption: “Shhhh…. He’s coming.”

Apart from the obvious reference to the series’ extraterrestrial killing machine, Black could also be teasing the first trailer here. Reshoots and delayed release dates haven’t exactly reassured fans that the upcoming entry into the franchise is in good hands, especially with the reimagining heading for a 3D release, but some actual footage from the movie could certainly combat all the negativity.

From what we understand, Black’s picture won’t be a complete reboot, but will instead aim to reinvigorate the series, serving as a direct follow-up to John McTiernan’s 1987 film. Slated for a September 14th release later this year, The Predator will feature Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key and Jacob Tremblay alongside Sterling K. Brown, and we can only hope that the prolonged production and numerous delays aren’t a bad sign.