Predator Reboot Director Appears To Shoot Down Title Rumors

The Predator

Back in 2019, 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg was announced to be working on a mysterious project for Fox known as Skulls, which was reported to follow a Comanche woman during the American Civil War who goes against both gender and societal norms to become a fearsome and respected warrior.

Fast forward eighteen months or so, and the filmmaker took to social media and revealed his disappointment that it had been announced to the world that Skulls was a Predator reboot all along, which he’d been developing in secret for four years. As more and more plot details began to make their way online, it became evident that it was the exact same concept, just that nobody had bothered to mention the involvement of the iconic sci-fi creatures.

Earlier this week, it was revealed by producer John Davis that the next rebranding of the series was going by Skull, which felt like a strange moniker when you consider it doesn’t relate to the IP at all, and Hollywood is all about making sure audiences know that a sequel, reboot or remake is connected to something that came before.

However, Trachtenberg has responded and perhaps indicated that Skull is nothing more than a working title, and his stab at Predator will be called something else entirely, as you can see below.

Maybe it was just a slip of the tongue on Davis’ part to claim the official title was Skull, but we’re inclined to believe Trachtenberg in this situation, based on both the fact it’s coming directly from him, and the marketing campaign is made a lot more difficult if you can’t use the word Predator to shill a Predator reboot.