5 Presidents Who Deserve Their Own Film

Lincoln was an excellent portrayal of one of our nation’s most famous presidents and Daniel Day-Lewis was superb in the role, almost looking more like the 16th president than Abraham Lincoln did himself. In the wake of such a well-made presidential biopic, the question has to be raised: What other presidents deserve their own, well-made film?

For a successful presidential film, there needs to be some extensive drama with the figure and their term in office. Honest Abe had the drama, that’s why this is the second film of the year about the Great Emancipator. For that same reason, Millard Fillmore and Benjamin Harrison likely won’t be getting a film anytime soon.

But there are many more presidents than just Lincoln who have lives worthy of a quality film. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the five US Presidents that we think are best suited for the big screen.

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