Project Power Star Reveals The One Reason You Should Watch The Movie

Project Power

Based on how quickly the movie shot to the top of Netflix’s most-watched list, a huge number of subscribers have already checked out the streaming service’s new superhero thriller Project Power, with the enthusiastic response from fans continuing their hot streak of original content that’s spoiled us this summer thanks to the likes of Extraction, Warrior Nun, Da 5 Bloods, Cursed, The Old Guard and the second season of The Umbrella Academy.

There have already been widespread calls for a sequel online, and writer Mattson Tomlin revealed that they have plenty of unused ideas at their disposal should Netflix give them the go-ahead. With a killer concept that felt like it left a lot on the table in terms of the scope and scale that a drug with the capabilities to give the user superpowers for five minutes at a time presents, Project Power possesses all of the ingredients to launch a franchise.

The ending certainly made it look that way, with all three of the leads surviving to the end, and while Jamie Foxx’s Art may have said it was over for him, anyone that’s ever seen an action movie knows full well that won’t be the case. In fact, in a recent interview, co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt made it pretty clear who he thinks the focus of a potential follow-up should be, marking out Dominique Fishback as the breakout of Project Power.

“She’s my favorite part of this movie. Anybody out there who’s into movies and acting and who’s interested in an up and coming talent, you have to check out Project Power just to see Dominique Fishback.”

Fishback might play a high school student in Project Power, but the actress actually turns 30 next year and is already an acclaimed playwright after creating off-Broadway show Subverted in 2014 where she played no less than 22 characters. She’s also appeared in The Hate U Give and episodes of The Knick, The Affair and The Americans as well as having a stint as a series regular on HBO’s The Deuce, but her latest role looks to be the one that will bring her to mainstream attention, with her performance being one of the most widely-praised aspects of the movie.