Promotional Posters For Suicide Squad Tease New Looks At Harley Quinn


Wielding a baseball bat and a devil-may-care attitude, the psychiatrist formerly known as Harleen Frances Quinzel is shaping up to be true scene-stealer in Ayer’s anti-hero feature, and today’s admittedly low-res images only drive that point home.


Headlining a motley crew of the “worst heroes ever,” Robbie’s unhinged character will naturally play a pivotal role in Suicide Squad – she is the muse to the Clown Prince of Crime, after all – with earlier screenshots teasing the actress in normal guise as the aforementioned Harleen Qunizel. Couple this with the baptism shot from the film’s most recent trailer, which appears to be situated in Ace Chemicals, and you have all the makings of a true origin story for what is no doubt one of the more endearing characters in the DC vault.

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad will act as the next major expansion of the DC Extended Universe in the fallout of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice when it opens on August 5. Set photos from the film’s Toronto shoot indicate that the Caped Crusader has a part to play in the upcoming offshoot as well, likely because he was the one that tossed the leading members of Task Force X into Belle Reve penitentiary in the first place.

Source: CBM

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