‘Purple Rain’ trends as fans debate the best 3 film soundtracks of all time

It’s been over five years since the world lost one of its most beloved musical artist, Prince. But fan appreciation for his melodies, it would seem, has not waned over the last half-decade.

Amid a discussion on Twitter about the top three movie soundtracks of all time, one album in particular has been routinely named: Purple Rain, arguably the Minneapolis-born singer-songwriter’s magnum opus.

This was all apparently kicked off by author, prolific tweeter, and movie buff Don Winslow’s question to internet users everywhere: “You can only have three film soundtracks. Three. What are your three?”

The soundtrack to the 1984 American rock musical drama Purple Rain starring Prince and featuring music by him and Michel Colombier was quickly named by many as one of their essential three.

While Purple Rain may stand out on its own as fairly good movie, the soundtrack is really what gives the film its enormous reputation. Upon the album’s release in 1984, it spent six consecutive months at the top of the Billboard 200 and garnered Prince an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score.

Indeed, the film was named alongside some other legendary film scores, including O Brother, Where Art Thou? and West Side Story.

Another iconic Prince movie moment from the ’80s was also remembered: the artist’s number-one hit single “Batdance” from the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman.

Indeed, the soundtrack still holds up to this day for many.

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