Is Quentin Tarantino Planning A ’30s Gangster Flick?

With Django Unchained on the brink of the horizon, it’s likely that Quentin Tarantino has started thinking about the next genre he might like to put through his idiosyncratic blender – and there’s been a few hints to suggest it might be something along the lines of a 1930s gangster flick. That’s according to a recent talk that occurred after the first UK screening of Django Unchained, anyway, in which the director mentioned that it’s a genre he’s definitely interested in tackling.

Of course, Tarantino has mentioned making a period movie of this category since back in 2009, though he ultimately decided to put his western into production before going all Edward G. Robinson on us. And now that he’s worked the samurai, pulp, blaxploitation and slasher flicks, the options for genre deconstruction are growing thin.

This would certainly be a genre made interesting though Tarantino’s eyes, though, presumably as an excuse to shoot his first movie in black and white and have characters making funny plays on lines like, “Here’s the thing, see,” but, you know, better than that. And, then, like, play some rap over it or something, just ’cause.

Source: /Film