Aaron Taylor-Johnson Sheds Light On A Quicksilver Return In Avengers 4


Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s take on Quicksilver came and went with a speed befitting the character. While his sister, Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, has stuck around in the MCU for a while now, he departed during his first performance in 2015’s underwhelming Age of Ultron. But could the hero be making a surprise return in Avengers 4?

It might not be as unlikely as it seems. After all, Taylor-Johnson signed up to a multi-movie contract when he took the role, there are rumors that he’s been spotted on set and there are increasingly plausible reports that the film will feature some kind of time-travel, opening the door for his resurrection.

Some water’s now been poured on that fire by the actor himself, though. He was asked directly by Metro whether he was stepping back into the role and told them, “It’s not a conversation right now.” That sounds pretty conclusive, but take apart his words a little and it starts looking a bit softer than a denial. Perhaps it’s not a conversation right now because the conversation happened many months ago? Or perhaps there doesn’t need to be a “conversation” at all, as his appearance in the film is completely in the can.

Maybe I’m clutching at straws here, but I’ve always thought the MCU could use a speed-based character in its ranks, and Quicksilver never really got an opportunity to shine. At the time, there was a little competition between Taylor-Johnson and X-Men: Days of Future Past’s Evan Peters, who was doing the character better. It was a competition which Peters won by quite a large margin, too, so if he does return, I hope the Russo Brothers give him a moment as fun as the Time In a Bottle sequence that Peters got.

Then again, perhaps there are already enough superheroes scheduled to appear in Avengers 4 without bringing back the dead ones?

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