The Raid 2 Debuts Mosaic Poster

The-Raid-2-3-Connections-Story (1)

A new international poster has just been released for the upcoming action-packed sequel The Raid 2, and it looks totally awesome. Top ass-kicker Rama, played again by Iko Uwais from The Raid: Redemption, glares at the audience with the deadened expression of a man who has pummelled too many faces that day to be happy posing for a picture.

The mosaic poster is comprised of hundreds of stills from the film and splits Rama’s body into two halves; one part is dressed in the traditional attire of a policeman (the Indonesian word for police – “polisi” – is clearly displayed on Rama’s right breast) and the other is of a common prisoner. We’ll be sure to see plenty of clandestine deception as Rama goes undercover to take down a criminal syndicate and root out corruption within the police force.

The poster is clearly looking to build on the international success of Redemption by making the sequel bigger and better; “one of the greatest action movies ever made” brashly screams the quote above Rama’s stern countenance. Audiences are not only being invited to compare the new sequel with the original, but also to compare the film with every great actioner of the past. Lofty aspirations, to be sure, but early impressions are looking very favorable.

Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evens wrote and directed Redemption, and is back in the same role for the sequel. Sony Pictures Classics will release the film in the United States on March 28.

What do you think of the mosaic poster? Are you excited to see The Raid 2? Let us know in the comments below.