The Raid Director Gareth Evans Announces English Language Debut

After splattering the camera with blood and melting the minds of many an action fan with this year’s The Raid: Redemption, Welsh director Gareth Evans has revealed he will make his English-language debut after he directs the sequel to The Raid.

Yes, if you haven’t heard, Evans is getting to work on a sequel to the action sleeper which will be titled Berandal and will also helm the heist flick Breaking the Bank, which he signed on to last month with Universal. As his slate busies, filming for this mystery project is scheduled to start some time in 2013.

The Raid: Redemption will also get an English remake courtesy of Sony who acquired the rights, with Evans serving as producer and scribe Brad Ingelsby penning the screenplay. All in all, the young auteur is a busy man these days.

Evans’ project will be produced by Media Rights Capital which has brought us a slew of interesting films including Bruno and The Adjustment Bureau and upcoming efforts Ted and Elysium (District 9 director Neill Blomkamp’s next film).

A title (or any plot points for that matter) has not been revealed but casting apparently calls for two male leads.

We will keep you posted with developments as they come.

Source: Deadline