Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo Just Received A Very Big Honor


Most actors are lucky if they manage to play one iconic role throughout their entire career, with Sylvester Stallone one of the very few that has two cinematic legends to his name. The 74 year-old’s performances as both Rocky Balboa and John Rambo cover thirteen movies and over 40 years, and now the headband-wearing Vietnam veteran has joined the Italian Stallion in being immortalized as a landmark.

Stallone recently revealed that two massive Rambo statues had been erected in Hope, the tiny Canadian town where the vast majority of the character’s first outing in 1982 action classic First Blood was shot. For a town with a population that’s only a little over 6,000, Hope has proved to be a very popular location for Hollywood productions over the years with actioners like Shoot to Kill, romances Hope Springs and Fire with Fire, family films White Fang II and A Dog’s Way Home and Jack Nicholson thriller The Pledge all setting up shop in the district municipality.

However, none of them spawned a massive franchise and ended up getting their own statue, so Rambo wins this round. Admittedly, the recreation of the gun-toting action hero doesn’t exactly bear much resemblance to Stallone, but it’s a nice gesture regardless, and you can check out Hope’s latest attraction below.

Of course, this isn’t the first statue of a Sylvester Stallone character, with Rocky taking pride of place outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. With his two most famous characters now having their own statues, maybe one day our dreams will come true and we’ll finally get that monument to Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot‘s Joe Bornowski outside of a Los Angeles retirement community.