Rambo: Last Blood Director Helming New Shark Attack Survival Thriller

Rambo last blood

Ever since Steven Spielberg’s Jaws kept an entire generation out of the water, the shark attack thriller has been a staple of the film industry, with countless titles having arrived in the decades since that all follow roughly the same premise.

In the recent past we’ve seen titles such as Open Water, The Reef, Jason Statham’s blockbuster The Meg, Blake Lively flying solo in The Shallows, Sharks of the Corn, Shark Island, Huge Shark and Great White to name but a few, and now Rambo: Last Blood director Adrian Grunberg is getting in on the act.

As per Variety, Josh Lucas will become the latest recognizable face to do battle with a terror from the deep in The Black Demon, which was written by Blackwater‘s Boise Esquerra. The movie is set to start shooting in the Dominican Republic this coming December, and the premise alone guarantees it’ll find a niche audience at the very least.

Lucas plays an oil worker on vacation with his family, only to discover that a town he’d visited with his wife years previously lies abandoned and in ruins. On an inspection to the local rig, he discovers why when a megalodon nicknamed The Black Demon traps him on the creaking structure, with no way back to shore. That sounds suitably ludicrous, which is exactly why plenty of genre fans will be eager to check it out.