Ranking The Characters Of Doctor Strange


8) Dormammu


Superhero movies have poor history with adapting all-powerful cosmic beings from the comics. There was Galactus in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, there was Parallax in Green Lantern, and you could even count the Phoenix in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Doctor Strange’s Dormammu is another such character. While we can thankfully say that he is in no way as bad as those previously mentioned examples, comic fans will be disheartened by how the on-screen version differs from the character on the page. For instance, in the comics he is a humanoid with a flaming head. In the movie, however, he is a massive face in the sky. Quite why they decided not to even allude to his most distinctive feature is a mystery.


That said, the climactic scene he features in is a brilliant one, showing the conviction and bravery of our hero as he is content to be eternally tortured by Dormammu if Earth will be spared. As such, he comes across as a dangerous force, even if he isn’t as cool as he could have been.

Dormammu is still out there, though, so there’s always the opportunity for him to return in future movies. If he does, let’s just hope he brings his flame-y head with him.

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