Ranking The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Very few films in 2014 – let alone superhero/Marvel films – can claim to have brought something refreshing and unique to the table. Guardians Of The Galaxy is one that can, and it’s all thanks to how director James Gunn brings some of the most idiosyncratic and flat-out weird characters to life in a two hour space opera.

These characters are so off-beat and strange that many moviegoers and comic book fans alike felt that a big-budget adaptation of Guardians Of The Galaxy would result in Marvel’s first box office flop, denting the seemingly indestructible armor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clearly James Gunn was aware that this would be the biggest hurdle in getting mainstream audiences to come out in droves to see the film – like every other Marvel film out there – but the filmmaker took that potential issue and spun it into the film’s greatest strength.

If you have seen Guardians Of The Galaxy, then you are probably in agreement that James Gunn accomplished this. Whether it was through CGI special effects, extensive make-up effects, or the outstanding acting from everyone across the board, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the titular Guardians Of The Galaxy. They are simply some of the most endearing and infectiously fun characters to ever grace the big screen.

With that said, just who is the most awesome “Guardian of the Galaxy?” It certainly isn’t something that is easy to pick apart and rank, but that’s half the fun in writing something like this. So, read on and find out who our favorite Guardians are.