Ray Fisher calls out ‘racist’ Warner Bros. after Black History Month tweet

cyborg justice league
Photo via Warner Bros.

A lot of fans were upset that Ray Fisher’s Cyborg wasn’t even included as a silhouette as part of the Justice League’s surprise cameo in the final episode of Peacemaker, with James Gunn diplomatically skirting around the issue when asked.

Most people are under the impression that the actor’s Victor Stone wasn’t even teased due to his ongoing and outspoken battle against Warner Bros. and DC Films, which has seen him blast everyone from studio chief Walter Hamada to his former director Joss Whedon on social media.

The latest twist in the tale saw WB sent out a tweet in support of Black History Month, with the focus on the DCEU. Not only was Cyborg notably absent, but as you can see below, #IStandWithRayFisher became the top trending topic on Twitter after he offered a scathing rebuttal.

There’s clearly no love lost between Fisher and his former employers, and this is a war of words that’s been ongoing for a long time now. He may have ruled himself out of any further DCEU appearances as long as Hamada remains in charge, but it’s become abundantly clear that the fanbase has his back as he continues to call out the people in charge.