Ray Fisher May Return As Cyborg If Justice League Snyder Cut Does Well


News of the upcoming release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League has been met with widespread excitement from DC fans eager to see the director’s original vision for the team-up movie realized at last. Its impact might not just be limited to that, though, as reports are surfacing that say the potential success of Snyder’s JL could lead to the DCEU going back to its roots a little and picking up the characters that have been on hiatus since the theatrical version tanked in 2017.

For instance, Cyborg doesn’t currently have any new appearances on the way. According to insider Grace Randolph, though, there’s a chance that Ray Fisher could get to return as Victor Stone in further films, provided the Snyder Cut is a hit once it arrives on HBO Max sometime next year. These further appearances could involve cameos or supporting roles in others’ movies, or even a potential solo vehicle.

You can check out her Tweet below for more, with her intel lining up with We Got This Covered’s own scoop from last week.

Cyborg movie was part of the original slate of DCEU projects announced back in the day, with it due to land in theaters this very year, in fact. It never seemed to get very far along in the process, however, and was put to bed a while back. Then, when Vic drew the short straw in terms of screentime in the theatrical cut of Justice League, it looked like that was it for the former Teen Titan in the franchise.

Whether he ends up returning or not, though, we definitely know he’ll have an increased role in Snyder’s Justice League. Fisher has confirmed that the director’s edition will embellish Victor’s arc to a huge degree, digging deeper into his internal struggles with being half-man, half-machine, the loss of his mother in the car crash that resulted in his near-death experience and his search for a new identity now that his dreams of being a footballer are dashed.