Read Jon Spaihts’ Original Prometheus Script Right Here

Will Damon Lindelof ever be able to win back fans after his rewrite of Jon Spaihts‘ original draft for Prometheus? Well, there’s a chance that could happen today as Prometheus Movie found a Scribd account hosting a copy of Spaihts’ first script. Before you cast your minds back to the Alien Harvest script which was purported to be Spaiths’ first draft until it was debunked as a fake – Spaiths himself confirmed the authenticity of this new script via Twitter.

Will it be the holy grail fans have glorified it to be – or will it disappoint?

The script, titled Alien: Engineers, is based more definitively in the world of the previous Alien films as opposed to the “ships in the night” leanings of Prometheus. Spaihts, in an interview last month, revealed he has envisioned bloody sex scenes involving chest bursters and a different life cycle for the xenomorph.

After the home video release last month failed to include Spaihts’ draft after promising to do so back in June, the arrival of the script will hopefully unravel further myths about Prometheus. Who knows, fan reactions to this script could bring Spaihts back into the fold for the sequel.

You can read or download the script here.

Are you excited to read the original Prometheus script? Worth a go or are you sick to the back teeth of Prometheus? Have your say in the comments below.

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)