Prometheus Original Script Details, Ridley Scott Rebuffed Extended Cut

The film world wobbles, shakes and fouls itself this week with trepidation at the further bashing, nit-picking and venomous bloggery that fans of the Alien franchise will excrete after the exploration of the Blu-Ray release of Prometheus.

According to Bleeding Cool, who spoke with Fox Special Features worker, Charles De Lauzirika, what will be absent from the release is an extended cut of the film. A longer cut was desired by Fox but director Ridley Scott refused to oblige, stating that the theatrical cut he assembled is the director’s cut. The 40 minutes of extra footage will be included as bonus material but at Scott’s insistence was not re-edited into the film.

Another 40 minutes spliced into the film? If the material is as revelatory and exciting as fans are expecting (e.g. Ripley gallops in on the back of the Queen brandishing a flamethrower) – wouldn’t Scott have included it anyway? How many times do you watch a deleted scenes reel and commend the director for deleting them? Yes, it’s enjoyable to view them independent of the feature but they are often detrimental to the overall pace.

Regardless of what the Blu-Ray may or may not contain, Empire’s interview with original screenwriter Jon Spaihts contains some xenomorphic gems. Jon Spaihts’ first script remained loyal to the franchise and has potential to soothe fans with the knowledge that, at one point in time, Prometheus was to have face-huggers and chest-bursters at a disco (all true bar the latter three words). But where can we find that script now?

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