Reader Poll: Did Terminator Genisys Live Up To Expectations?

Terminator Genisys is now in theatres, and the franchise’s legion of fans are debating whether the wait for another entry in the once great series was worth it.

After all, the last two outings, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation were, by all accounts, very disappointing films. So, was a fifth instalment really necessary? And, more importantly, was there ever any chance that it was going to be as memorable as the original and its sequel?

Unfortunately for fans of all things Skynet, reviews are indicating that Terminator Genisys just isn’t up to par. Critics haven’t been too kind to the film so far, with our own Sam Woolf saying the following in his review:

It’s incredible that a film with this many explosions and this much CG mayhem can still be so dreadfully boring, but as with the Terminators themselves, each iteration of this series has proven less efficient at its task than the last. Terminator Genisys is meant to represent a bold and radical new way forward for the franchise. So why does it feel like we’re John Connor, facing down an assembly line of creations that threaten our past and bode ill for our future?

We want to hear what you thought, though. Using the poll below, let us know how you feel about Terminator Genisys and be sure to check back later for the results!

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