7 Reasons Everyone Agrees A Good Day To Die Hard Sucks

Consensus is next to impossible when it comes to judging the quality of movies. Dissenting opinion is encouraged, usually for good reason, by the constant discussion on fan sites and in theater lobbies, and an opinion that goes against the grain will earn you a ton of attention. That being said, there is virtual consensus in the verdict for A Good Day to Die Hard, and that verdict is that it is baaaaad. So bad.

How did this happen? How did a movie with so much potential, so much hype, and such high expectations for success turn out so badly? I mean, the trailer looked good enough. The Beethoven was overdramatic but this is a franchise traditionally featuring massive explosions and a snarky attitude from its protagonist, so grandiosity is par for the course. The last installment, Live Free or Die Hard, was fantastic. Bruce Willis is one of the most dependable stars around. But this one just did a nosedive, as detailed nicely already on this very site, and further evidenced by its abysmal current 17% Rotten Tomatoes ranking. This bomb is a confirmed dud.

It’s not like this is the greatest movie franchise of all time, but it has previously been a lot of fun. Let’s try to figure out where it faltered, especially in comparison to the previous surprisingly strong Live Free or Die Hard.

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