6 Reasons To Be Ambivalent About Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer

Virtually every publication’s list of the rising new generation of hot young actors (or whatever variation of this designation is used) includes the seeming juggernaut of stardom that is Armie Hammer. It’s almost hard to believe how few titles he has to his name at this stage of his career, given the amount of press he gets, but the attention has been earned through first a breakthrough performance as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, followed by a fairly well received role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar.

He’s like one of those players in Moneyball who catches the eye of the aging scouts: he’s got the looks, the build, the charm, and the confidence of the type of bonafide moviestar that have sprung up for decades. But it’s unclear whether he has truly caught on with the public, even with his new starring role in The Lone Ranger. For all his amiability and likeability, there’s seems to be something about him that gets in the way of being universally beloved the way stars like Tom Hanks or Bruce Willis or more classical stars like James Stewart were and are. I can’t quite determine what that is, or whether I find him to be Charmie or Smarmie.

Here are 6 reasons why many can’t decide whether they like Armie Hammer or not.

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