‘Red Notice’ is no longer the most-watched movie on Netflix

red notice

Having spent the entirety of its existence at the top of the most-watched list, Red Notice has unsurprisingly been hoovering up viewership records with each passing day, with the most recent data revealing that the $200 million actioner had been streamed for more hours last week than the rest of the Top 10 combined.

It’s a lock to become the platform’s biggest original hit ever, but all good things must come to an end, and Red Notice has officially been usurped as the number one feature in the library by a much smaller and more intimate project. As per FlixPatrol, Halle Berry’s Bruised has crashed straight into the summit of the charts, despite only premiering yesterday.


The reception to the MMA drama hasn’t been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, with the Academy Award winner’s directorial debut holding a middling Rotten Tomatoes score of 57%, but something had to give when everybody must have seen Red Notice by now.

The real question is how long Bruised can hold onto number one, but there aren’t any major Netflix originals on the horizon until next month, so it could stay there for a while. Then again, the weekend is almost upon us, and Red Notice is the sort of disposable entertainment made for Saturday nights and lazy Sunday afternoons.