Repeat Business: 30 Horror Film Franchises Getting A Restart

We’ve all noticed Hollywood’s original creative output is less prolific than it was during previous eras. It’s easy to assign blame for the lack of unique titles at the feet of the studios and you’ve indeed every right to! While studio heads are lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills and whipping at the hind quarters of cabana boys with Egyptian cotton handkerchiefs – they’re still making a profit by churning out films based on existing franchises.

If you compare the top ten grossing films of 2011 to the top ten of 1981 – a mere two films in 1981 were sequels, whereas in 2011 eight of those ten were sequels. That’s bonkers. So, whether you like it or not the franchise redo is here to stay, with one boot firmly planted into the nutsack of cinema and another onto a nearby footstool to steady itself.

With an increasing number of films in development emerging as reboots, sequels or prequels –it’s only fair that the village bike of cinema; horror, gets her fair share. Each film in the following list has existed previously and varies from those in development to those awaiting release. Whether by remaking an already-existing film, rebooting a franchise via a new approach, reinterpreting the source material or re-editing an existing picture, the chances are you’ve heard of them all before.

And they’ll all be back to cause horror fans nosebleeds, slight foaming at the mouth and frantic commenting on a horror film franchises article written by a British lass. So, without further ado, here they are.

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