Report Suggests Steve Trevor Isn’t The Only Role Chris Pine Is Playing In Wonder Woman


Marking the start of production on the set of Patty Jenkins’ standalone Wonder Woman film, newcomer Saïd Taghmaoui shared the first official set photo over the weekend that featured the American Hustle star alongside Chris Pine, who is on board to play Steve Trevor – or is he?

A new report emerged earlier today that stipulates Pine’s involvement in the time-hopping feature film is much bigger than we first expected. Be warned, though, the as-yet-unconfirmed story trinket ventures into spoiler territory unabated, so it ought to be treated with heightened caution for the time being.


Once again, it’s Heroic Hollywood unearthing the report, which claims that Wonder Woman will actually have Pine play a dual role. The first, as we had already assumed is Steve Trevor, but in the photo, hiding in plain sight alongside Taghmaoui, the actor is playing Steve’s grandfather.

Before going any further, we stress that this should be filed strictly in the rumor category for now, but it is a logical decision for Warner Bros. to make, at least creatively speaking. We’ve long heard that Jenkins’ solo movie on Diana Prince will take place primarily across two – and even potentially three – distinct timelines in order to streamline the origins of Gal Gadot’s titular Amazonian Warrior.

Opening during the throes of World War I, it’s here that Heroic Hollywood claims that Steve Trevor’s grandfather will supposedly crash land on Themyscira, seeding a love story between him and Diana. From there, once Wonder Woman makes the jump into the present day, she’ll be greeted by Steve’s grandson (again, played by Pine) who conveniently looks exactly like his veteran ancestor. It’s possible, but don’t take it as gospel just yet.

Wonder Woman is on course to release in theaters on June 23, 2017.