Rian Johnson Gives Uncertain Update On His Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker

Rian Johnson holds something of an awkward position in the Star Wars universe. The backlash against The Last Jedi is a well-worn topic of conversation, but given that he’s been lined up to helm an entire new trilogy, his uncomfortable relationship with the franchise’s fanbase has to be addressed.

That potential new trilogy has yet to be officially green-lit and indeed only months ago there were reports it might not even get off the ground. Now, in a new interview with Variety, Johnson has provided an update on its current status, saying the following:

“I’m still talking to Lucasfilm but they haven’t announced anything on their slate yet.”

Unfortunately, that’s a pretty vague and uncertain update and leaves us little the wiser as to whether the Johnson-verse is going to make it to screens. Depending on what you thought of The Last Jedi, that’ll either be a godsend or a sickening malediction.

Anyway, it seems as usual I’ve completely wasted your time. To compensate you, I can offer this not quite full pack of novelty Tic-Tacs. No? Who doesn’t want a popcorn flavoured mint? That’s all I’ve got I’m afraid.

In the meantime, if like me, you refused to judge Rian Johnson’s entire filmmaking ability on one blockbuster bellyflop, why not check out Knives Out (out on home video soon-ish), his low-budget, star-studded genre study? Judge him after that. Really judge him. Judge him to pieces. It’s almost as poorly written as Jedi and just as uninspiring behind the camera. Given he got sole director/writer credits on both, I’m very inclined to believe he’s a talentless hack. Only Looper can save him now.

In fact, I rather feel like giving it a spin tonight off the back of this ramble. Otherwise, even if his Star Wars troika does make it to cinemas, I can’t say I’ll be busting a gut to catch it.