Rick And Morty Take On Alien: Covenant In New Promo


In just a few short days, the next chapter in Ridley Scott’s iconic sci-fi/horror saga will slither into theatres when Alien: Covenant makes its much anticipated debut. Acting as a direct sequel to the very divisive Prometheus, expectations are high for the director to bring back that unmistakable sense of dread and horror that he first delivered in the original Alien all those years ago, and from what we can tell, that’s exactly what he’ll be doing here.

Admittedly, reviews have been a bit mixed so far, but the film still has a good chance of being better than its predecessor, at the very least, and Fox is certainly trying their hardest to make sure audiences pack into theatres next week to catch the flick. The marketing campaign has been pretty extensive, ramping up heavily in recent times as the studio floods us with countless photos, clips and trailers. Today is no different, as the blitz continues on apace – albeit this time, with something a little different.

As you can see above, the studio has teamed up with Adult Swim to produce a Rick and Morty promo for the upcoming blockbuster, giving the film a bit of a comedic twist. In it, we see the two titular characters on one of the Engineers’ ships when Rick’s attacked by a facehugger. Of course, he manages to survive and it turns out that it’s due to the fact that the alien was killed by the high levels of drugs and alcohol in his body. “Somebody get a memo to all the characters in those Alien movies, stat,” says Rick, in reference to his and Morty’s discovery of how to defeat the facehuggers.

Don’t expect to learn anything you don’t already know about Covenant or the franchise as a whole here, but this is definitely an amusing little promo that fans should get a kick out of. It doesn’t seem like it’ll be part of the upcoming third season of Rick and Morty, but you never know. Perhaps it’ll be weaved into one of the episodes? Time will tell, but we’d guess that it’s just a clever marketing stunt.

Either way, give the new Rick and Morty promo a watch and be sure to check out Alien: Covenant when it hits theatres on May 19th.

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