#RIPJeremyRenner Trends As The Internet Tries To Cancel The MCU Star

Jeremy Renner

Another day, another cancel campaign on Twitter. This Tuesday, #RIPJeremyRenner began trending on the social media platform, causing much alarm among MCU fans. Don’t take the trending topic literally, though, as the hashtag is actually being used by those who are calling for the Hawkeye star to be cancelled. Renner has a lot of infamous moments and troubling actions in his past and, for unknown reasons, the backlash against him has resurfaced again today.

In 2019, his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco threw some extremely shocking allegations at the Clint Barton actor, alleging that he was often under the influence of drugs and alcohol during their marriage which led to several violent outbursts, including threatening to kill her and even biting his daughter. Renner was also accused of leaving cocaine on a bathroom counter that was easily accessible to the child. On one occasion, he’s said to have gone so far as to put a gun in his mouth, threatening to commit suicide, before he fired into the ceiling instead to frighten Pacheco.

In turn, Renner blasted his ex-wife as “unstable” and adamantly denied the allegations. Despite this, Pacheco’s alarming claims understandably caused a huge stir back then, with reports swirling that Marvel were going to quietly drop their planned Hawkeye TV show. Renner was ultimately able to weather the storm, however, and he’s currently in Atlanta shooting said series alongside Hailee Steinfeld.

The renewed blowback against Jeremy Renner is also bringing up offensive moments from past interviews, including multiple instances of him using derogatory language, racial slurs and other outdated terms. These obviously aren’t as serious as his ex-wife’s accusations, but they’re definitely adding to the controversy surrounding him. As said above, though, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to have any affect on his Marvel future and Hawkeye is due on Disney Plus later this year.