Rita Repulsa Prepares To Wage War In New Image For Power Rangers Reboot


After eons spent locked away, Rita Repulsa prepares to wage war in today’s new image for Power Rangers, which offers up what is undoubtedly our best look at Elizabeth Banks’ power-mongering alien to date.

First posted via the film’s official Twitter feed, the caption reads: “After eons locked away…I am free! I have plans for your pitiful planet. Stay tuned.” A chilling threat, but does this Tweet signal that new footage is right around the corner? Given Lionsgate has aligned its lavish redo for release in March, we’re inclined to believe so.

Either way, those well versed in the Power Rangers lore will know all too well that Rita Repulsa is essentially the harbinger of destruction for our Rangers and the citizens of Angel Grove – she’s killed Rangers before, remember – who touches down on planet Earth with the intention of seizing control once and for all.

Originally portrayed as a camp, over-the-top witch, Dean Israelite’s live-action reboot introduces a totally revamped version of the character, replete with lime-green battle armor and a mystical staff. There’s even been speculation that Banks’ supervillain holds some form of connection to the Green Ranger – who is, incidentally, nowhere to be found in 2017’s Power Rangers movie, that we know of – though it’s best to treat those rumors as just that for the time being.

Without further ado, here’s the action shot in question:

Hoping to spawn an entire franchise of movies, Lionsgate will assemble the Power Rangers in time for March 24, 2017.